Jobs In Ghana

There are an abundant supply of jobs in Ghana, especially if you are skilled and educated. Your skills can be anything from office management to Microsoft Office, to programming, to engineering, geology, finance, marketing, or just-in-time supply management. If you are skilled and talented, there are jobs for you.

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There Are Many Jobs In Ghana Available

The Best Jobs In Ghana

If you are looking at a good career that pays well and has good prospects for the future, then you may wish to consider the oil jobs in Ghana, or the UN jobs in Ghana, as they are some of the very best careers you can get currently. In particular, the benefits of working for the United Nations are worth almost as much as the salary, and you should at least review the jobs open right now if you are serious about earning a good income and having a job you can be proud of.

If you are fortunate enough to have training in information technologies, then you have an opportunity to work in almost any field, including banking, the UN, and the oil industry.  That is because information is the basis of any company or organization, and every organization needs IT staff to manage the systems and processes that handle the flow of information.

Finding Jobs In Ghana

Of course, there are more jobs available in Accra than in Mampong Ashanti, and more businesses in Kumasi than in Manso Nkwanta, so if you are in a town that appears to have few jobs suited for you, you may want to look at the postings at the bigger cities and consider moving there if you are offered a position.

Best Employer Jobs In Ghana

The other thing to consider is the employer you work for.  Places like Tullow Oil may be more hospitable than other oil companies, and you may find the UN to be a highly political organization with a demand for a lot of work, maybe more than you expect at first.  So instead of accepting a job from the first employer that offers you one, be sure to look up the company or organization, and see if their work ethic and mission statement is aligned with your beliefs and work ethics.   Life is too short to pick a bad employer.

To find who you can work for in Ghana, start with the yellow pages and see who is paying to be listed there.

Jobs In Ghana For Expats

If you are an expat looking for assignments in Ghana, the best place to start your search are with the large oil companies and the UN organizations, and of course any other large fortune 500 companies that are operating in Ghana.

In short, there are jobs in Ghana for everyone, and with the oil discoveries and UN organizations, there are great careers to be had that can lead to global expat assignments, so get started to day and discover the exciting jobs in Ghana available right now.

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IT Jobs In Ghana

IT Jobs In Ghana

If you are educated in information technology, and are looking for IT jobs in Ghana, this report will show you how to find employment. There are many IT jobs available, especially in banking, the oil jobs in Ghana, and in the UN jobs in Ghana. The skills you will need include programming and database (DBA) skills, and of course, you don’t need to know all of them – just a strong ability with one IT […] Read more »

UN Jobs In Ghana

UN Jobs In Ghana

If you would like to work for the United Nations and are located in Accra, Ghana, you have great chances to get one of the UN jobs in Ghana. UN Jobs In Ghana That’s because many of the UN organizations, such as The World Bank, World Vision International, Heartland Alliance, IntraHealth International, and our favorite, ACDI/VOCA (the Agricultural Cooperative Development International/Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance organization) all have operations in the capital of Accra, Ghana.  In […] Read more »

Oil Jobs In Ghana

oil jobs in ghana

Did you know that the oil jobs in Ghana are among the highest paying and most lucrative to have?  The oil fields in Ghana power a major portion of the national economy, and by working in the oil industry, you gain all the wealth and prestige that comes with working in this highly profitable and rewarding industry. Oil Jobs In Ghana And The Capital, Accra One of the recommended agencies for finding oil jobs in […] Read more »