UN Jobs In Ghana

If you would like to work for the United Nations and are located in Accra, Ghana, you have great chances to get one of the UN jobs in Ghana.

UN Jobs In Ghana

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The UN Jobs In Ghana Are High Paying

That’s because many of the UN organizations, such as The World Bank, World Vision International, Heartland Alliance, IntraHealth International, and our favorite, ACDI/VOCA (the Agricultural Cooperative Development International/Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance organization) all have operations in the capital of Accra, Ghana.  In particular, if you like the idea of bringing global opportunities to Ghana and countries in west Africa, here’s why ACDI/VOCA might be one of your ideal workplaces:

ACDI/VOCA retains a grassroots orientation from its beginnings in cooperative development. While we still work people-to-people to increase household income and food security, we also design and implement multidisciplinary economic development projects of significant scale and complexity. We advise decisionmakers as they navigate toward a market-based economy, and we enable organizations, whether enterprises, financial institutions, cooperatives or associations, to manage and finance themselves.

ACDI/VOCA is an industry leader in value chain-oriented poverty alleviation. We have hard-won experience in conflict-affected and fragile states, and proficiency at managing the transition from relief to development. Our innovative approaches to food aid and financial services leverage significant amounts of money and meet the test of the market. Our approaches vary, but we always provide knowledge, opportunities and choices that enable people to live better lives

No doubt you know that UN jobs in Ghana are some of the very best jobs in the country, rivalling even the oil jobs in Ghana for employee benefits and salary pay.  That’s because the United Nations is a global organization, funded by many dozens of countries, and with that, you often get to travel and work in foreign countries as part of your employment.  In fact, many workers have found themselves living in astonishingly posh living conditions in exotic cities such as Rome, Italy, and that perk is just one of many you will receive as a UN employee.

Did you know with one of the UN jobs in Ghana you don’t pay  income tax?  That’s right – UN workers do not pay local income tax – they are exempt.  There is a special United Nations fee that must be paid, which is like a reduced form of income tax, but it is nothing like what you’d normally pay in Ghana, or any of the countries you might end up working in.

Another incredible resource you get with one of the UN jobs in Ghana is the commissary – the local shop at the UN office, where you can buy at deeply discounted prices some of the world’s most prized products – such as rare wines, cigarettes from the best manufacturers, chocolates from Belgium and Switzerland,  cheese from France, and many delicacies too numerous to mention on a UN jobs report.

Applying For The UN Jobs In Ghana

So, does this interest you in one of the UN jobs in Ghana?  If so, here’s how to get started:

  1. Get your CV brushed up
  2. If you know anyone at the UN, contact them and ask them about any special training or designations that would help you with getting a job.
  3. Review the jobs at UNJobs and choose the Duty Station of Accra for the UN jobs in Accra.
  4. Find the positions you’d live to apply for.
  5. Research the requirements, and how you can best position yourself for these jobs.
  6. Apply, either online, or via a hiring manager if you have contacts within the organization you’ve targeted.

In short, the UN jobs in Ghana are some of the most rewarding and lucrative you can find, and putting your best foot forward is the very best way to qualifying yourself for these amazing jobs.

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